Custom neckties woven into your personal design.

Custom Neckties Made by Tie Designers

Tie Designers is a necktie design and production office based in the Netherlands. We create custom neckties for clubs, companies, and organisations which we supply all over the world. Each year we make thousands of custom ties and bow ties for sports clubs, students, regiments, governmental institutions, and many more! Our skilled necktie designers will do their utmost to design a unique necktie for you according to your wishes.

When did we start making custom neckties?

Our preparations started in 2012 at the height of the recession when banks in Europe collapsed and people told us that we were plain stupid to start a new business, but with a positive view on the future, we then decided to start anyway.

In 2013 we started designing and producing personalised club ties for students (fraternity neckties) in the Netherlands. But soon our business grew to other countries and other types of clients resulting in a large and varied customer base, mainly in Europe and North America. While the company is still growing, we still focus on the things we love doing: making unique custom neckties and learning more about the interesting organisations we make them for.

Would you like to know more about what we do? How to get a unique tie for your club? How our neckties are made? Where our ties are made? Just take a look at the page “What you need to know” or feel free to send us a message. We hope to talk to you soon!

Creating Custom Neckties.

About custom neckties, and what we don’t do!

Important to mention is the following: we do not make ties that are printed or embroidered with, for example, your logo.

If you choose to have neckties printed, you choose a necktie that is prefabricated in the standard colors in a bulk production process, and whose quality is often substandard, as we have often seen for ourselves.

We certainly did not start producing customized ties to provide our clients with a tie of inferior quality. Our goal is to supply you with a necktie design and a bespoke high-quality woven tie that fully meets your requirements.

A well-made custom tie certainly gives your organization the right image, so when your employees or club members wear a high-quality tie, they represent what you as a company, club, or organization stand for.

Custom Neckties made with recurring Icarus Logo