The materials in which you can have your neckties made.

The choise of materials for your custom made neckties

What materials are Tie Designers’ ties made of?

We can make your custom ties in different materials. We offer three standard options you can choose from: microfiber polyester, silk and Italian silk. Read about these materials below!

Microfiber polyester

The standard material we use for your custom neckties is microfiber polyester. Microfiber is a thin polyester fiber with a similar shine as silk. The material is also strong and also the most affordable choice. We have over 400 microfiber yarn colors for you to choose from. Send us a message to receive a piece of microfiber sample fabric of a necktie we made for a previous customer.


The classic material for a tie and therefore always a good and safe choice. And with a beautiful shine. Just like microfiber, there are a lot of yarn colours available, so there is always an option for your custom tie, matching the identity of your club or company.

Italian silk

The highest quality material we offer is silk made in Italy. The production of the fabric and yarns takes place in Como, near Milan, in Italy. For these ties, we use only the finest silk. The price for this option is a bit higher. Just like the above materials, the choice of colours is almost limitless.

How about the interlining?

We use an interlining matching to the material. Usually, this means we use a polyester interlining for microfiber ties, a wool-polyester mixed interlining for silk ties and a wool interlining for our Italian silk neckties. Feel free to let us know if you have any other wishes for the interlining!

Other materials

The options mentioned above are our standard material choices for your custom neckties. But you may of course have other wishes for the material. Maybe you would like a knitted tie made out of wool or a cashmere necktie? Feel free to ask us about other options!

Sample fabric

Would you like to receive a piece of sample fabric of one of our previously made neckties? Feel free to send us a message and we will send it to you so you can check the quality of the fabrics we use yourself.

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