How about shipping costs?

Our Shipping Costs for Custom Neckties

Great news! We do not charge shipping costs for most countries in the EU. So the shipment of your personalized ties to, for instance, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, and France, is free of charge. For some other countries in the European Union and Europe, we do charge a small fee of €10,- for shipping, among which are Hungary, Norway, and Switzerland.

For orders outside Europe, the shipping costs differ per country, delivery speed, and quantity. We will gladly find the lowest price for you, so that’s why we ask you for your location in the quotation form. The shipping costs are of course first discussed with you.

In all cases, we make use of express shipping. This way your custom ties will be delivered to the address provided by you. Within Europe we ship with DPD or PostNL, outside of Europe we often ship with TNT, DHL, or UPS.

The ties you have ordered are neatly packed in a sturdy cardboard box and sent to you so that they are delivered to you in the proper manner.

We are always available for any questions you may have regarding shipping, design, materials, or prices.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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