Custom ties made in your personalised design.

Custom Ties with Logo

Would you like to have custom ties made for your business, club or organisation?

Isn’t it a daily occurrence for you to have neckties made? Then of course you want to have some more information first.

On this page you will find more information that may be of interest to you if you would like to have custom ties made.

What about the custom tie design?

You probably already have a number of ideas or requirements with which the tie design must comply. For example, if you want to have a tie made for your company or sports club, you might want the design to be made with your company or club logo in your house style colours.

Our tie designers start with a blank canvas, and as far as the design of the tie is concerned, the possibilities are almost limitless.

In the first instance, when requesting a tie design, you can inform our tie designers of any wishes you may have.

The good news for you is that we make the necktie design(s) free of charge with no obligations.

Please note: If we have sent you a first draft of the tie design and we do not receive a response from you, such as a request for adjustments or approval, then the design will be removed from our files after 2 weeks.

What about my choice of material for my custom ties?

Ties custom woven in high quality microfiber.

Our standard material that we use for your ties is high quality microfiber. Microfiber is a thin polyester fibre with a similar shine like silk.

The majority of our customers choose microfiber; after silk, microfiber is the second most beautiful material for making ties. The material is also strong and the most affordable choice for having custom ties made.

Ties custom woven in Italian silk.

Silk is without a doubt the classic and most beautiful material for a tie. If your aim is to go for the best you can also have your ties made in the highest quality Italian silk. The production of the fabric and yarns takes place in Como, near Milan, in Italy. For these ties we use only the finest silk.

What about the prices for custom ties?

All information about our prices and the minimum order quantity can be found on the page necktie prices.

Would you like to have neckties made? Then the first step is to fill out the webform on our website to discuss your wishes and requirements.

Custom ties with coat of arms or club logo
Custom Ties for your Business, Club or Organisation