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Striped custom made ties with logo and text.

Custom Made Ties with Logo & Text

Ordering custom made ties made according to your own specifications is already possible from a minimum order quantity of 25 neckties.

With our low order quantity, it is now possible for a smaller company or organisation to have first class ties made in the required design.

The fabrics are produced (custom woven) to the specifications of each individual tie order and your ties are made by hand by highly experienced craftsmen.

The design possibilities for your ties are almost limitless. Our tie designers will be happy to help you create a unique design for your company, organisation, or sports club completely free of charge.

The tie fabrics with which we can make your ties

The material in which you can have your neckties manufactured is 100 percent silk and high-quality microfiber.

Silk is, without doubt, the most beautiful material for making ties, but in some cases, the choice for high-quality microfiber is a very good alternative such as for the hospitality sector.

Before you start with the design process, you want to know what the costs are of having neckties made!

Visit our page pricing where you will find our pricing for custom ties made in your personalised design in EURO, GBP, and USD.

Would you prefer to receive a quote in a different currency than the one mentioned on our price list? Please contact us and we will provide you with a suitable quote in the currency of your choice.

Would you like to consult with one of our designers about your design? Feel free to fill out the following webform.

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