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Italian ties made by tie designers.

Italian ties custom woven with recurring logo, ties made in a custom tie design for a association

Where in Italy are your Italian ties made?

We offer you the possibility to produce your custom neckties in Italy. These handcrafted ties are made in a small-scale family workshop near Lake Como.

With them, we have built up a good relationship over the years and we visit them regularly. In this workshop, the fabrics are woven and the ties are made with great attention to detail by highly skilled tailors.

The silk yarns are produced and colored in the region near Como / Milan as well. The result is a luxurious and hand-made custom tie, made entirely in Italy! These ties are of course provided with a “Made in Italy” label.

Are you interested in having personalized Italian ties made?

The tie design is made for you for free by experienced tie designers and we do not charge you any production start-up fees.

Would you like advice on the possibilities for a new tie design for your company or organization? Feel free to contact our tie designers by filling out the following web form.

What about the price for custom-made Italian ties?

Below you will find the information on our prices and the minimum order quantity for tailor-made ties made in Italian silk or high-quality microfiber.

Prices custom ties in Italian microfiber

Quantity (from)Italian microfiberTie prices in EuroTie prices in USDTie prices in GBP
25 - 35€ 35,10 per piece$ 38,80 per piece£ 31,80 per piece
36 - 50€ 28.50 per piece$ 31,55 per piece£ 25,75 per piece
51 - 65€ 25,70 per piece$ 28,40 per piece£ 23,30 per piece
66 - 80€ 21,50 per piece$ 23,80 per piece£ 19,45 per piece
81 - 100€ 17,45 per piece$ 19,30 per piece£ 15,80 per piece
101 plusPrice on request

Prices custom ties in Italian silk.

Quantity (from)100% Italian silkTie prices in EuroTie prices in USDTie prices in GBP
25 - 35€ 41,10 per piece$ 45,40 per piece£ 37,20 per piece
36 - 50€ 34,50 per piece$ 38,20 per piece£ 31,25 per piece
51 - 65€ 31,70 per piece$ 35,10 per piece£ 28,70 per piece
66 - 80€ 27,50 per piece$ 30,40 per piece£ 24.90 per piece
81 - 100€ 23,45 per piece$ 25,95 per piece£ 21,20 per piece
100 plusPrice on request

Questions? We are always available for any questions you may have about tie designs, tie materials, prices, or shipping. Feel free to contact us.

Italian ties made to order in an personalized design with all-over logos


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